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I love research and find it very empowering as it provides an opportunity to positively impact people's lives. I didn't know what research was growing up. In fact, I only got a sense of what it means to be a researcher when I moved to the U.S. to spend the final year of the engineering program I was enrolled at Telecom ParisTech at Cornell University. I am fortunate to have embarked on a career in research at Princeton University.

I joined Princeton University in September 2021 as a tenure-track assistant professor of computer science. At Princeton, I lead the lab Vertaix on research at the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and the natural sciences. The vision and mission for the lab is to use AI as a connector of different fields in the natural sciences and accelerate scientific discovery. I am particularly excited about developing methods that can find applications in health, sustainability, and energy. I am energized by the diversity of backgrounds of students, postdocs, and collaborators at Vertaix.

Before joining Princeton I spent a year at Google AI in the Brain team as a research scientist. I currently spend one day a week at Google AI as a research scientist in the Princeton office.